April of Houses number 5! I thought the swing set was pretty funny. #aprilofhouses #pen #ink #sketchbook #sketchaday #artist #artistontumblr
Digital inks of one of my characters. #ink #artistontumblr #wacom #mangastudio5 #frendenbrushes
Day 3 April of Houses! #aprilofhouses #sketch #sketchbook #artistontumblr #house #ink
The final illustration with marker tones added. I’m a one man shop so everything I do has to have multiple lives, time is too short. So when I was invited to be a guest writer/artist at a local comic book shop last month, I wanted to give them a thank you. So I fast forwarded to an event in the future of The Silver Sparrow and had fun exploring it artistically for the first time. I very intentionally planned on using this piece for a print and “teaser” for the online web comic. Also I wanted to make sure I could blog about the steps in making it.
Inks for the aftermath illustration. These were completed right on the illustration board that the pencils were on. I use a mix of felt tip pens. I scanned these inks before I used design markers to tone the original piece.
Art print that I hope to have silkscreened for an upcoming comic con. It features one my web comic characters (maybe two!).